Commercial Multimedia

Video attracts customers, helps drive sales, and converts customers into brand loyalists. Let’s make a video product that elevates your business and helps you engage with your clients in a new way!

I’ve worked with both multi-billion dollar companies and single entrepreneurs to develop and produce videos that capture their culture, products, and their impact on their community.

Already have the footage and just need us to edit? Timed cuts, color correction, graphics and music go a long way to polish any production.

Three videos to consider for your brand right now:

An Explainer

Make your message simple by focusing on 1-3 points per video. When presenting your product or service, you should explain it’s primary function and how you deliver value. Explainer videos are excellent marketing tools as they help establish your brand and tend to create SEO-friendly content which is good for online visibility.

Some Interviews

Interviews are a more subtle way of communicating information to your audience and drive traffic to your site. Incorporate industry experts, members of your team, or consumers who can offer testimonials about your product or service. Play into the interests and concerns of your audience.

A Culture Video

Culture videos allow companies to speak to their consumers and partners in a personal way. Often casual, these videos help humanize your business and build brand identity. These videos should be an authentic representation of your brand.